MAHABOCW In: Enhancing Maharashtra Construction Worker Welfare

Maharashtra is a magnet for many. This is due to its allure as a celebrity hotspot and its great infrastructure. However, people admire its beauty. But, it’s crucial to acknowledge the toil of the workers and builders who craft these marvels. The Maharashtra Government has started an initiative to support these unsung heroes. Today, we delve into the Mahabocw initiative. It is a big effort to improve conditions for Maharashtra’s workers. Stay tuned as we explore this platform and uncover how you can avail yourself of its benefits.


The Highlight of Mahabocw in


Name of the Scheme Construction Worker Scheme 
Initiated by Maharastra Government 
Department MAHABOCW
Objective of Scheme Financial assistance to workers
Beneficiary Construction Workers of Maharastra
State Maharastra
Benefits Rs. 2000- Rs. 5000
Application Process Online
Official Website




The Maharashtra Building and Construction Workers Welfare created the well-known web MAHABOCW on April 18, 2020. The Maharashtra government has taken the effort to assist the employees of the state’s Works Department in particular. With this program, the government hopes to create a conducive work atmosphere in addition to giving the employees financial support. While better safety equipment and employee healthcare bills are part of the work culture enhancement, the financial help is limited to Rs. 2000–Rs. 5000. 


Eligibility criteria for registration at Mahabocwin

IF you want to register into the portal of MAHABOCW then you need to follow the eligibility requirements: 

candidate must be a citizen of Maharashtra state.

candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 60. 

candidates must work for 90 days before applying to the site. 

candidates need to have a Labour Welfare Board registration. 

Documents Required for MAHABOCW

You need to have these specified papers on hand before proceeding with the MAHABOCW web application procedure. 

Aadhar Card

Ration card

Identity Certificate

Address Proof

Mobile Number

Age Certificate

90 Days Working Certificate

Passport Size Photograph

Identity Proof

Process for Register at MAHABOCW


To take use of the advantages provided by MAHABOCW, you must visit MAHABOCW to finish the platform’s registration procedure. You can do the specified actions in order to complete the procedure smoothly. 

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Start by opening the “Browser of your choice on your preferred device.” 

The official MAHABOCW website must be navigated via the search box after the browser has been opened.

Upon accessing the platform’s main dashboard, you must select the “Worker” option from the Menu Bar.

The registration page will appear once you choose “Worker Registration” from the dropdown menu. 

Fill out the required information in the entry box provided and upload the requested papers on the registration page [age]. 

Lastly, to finish the registration process, you must touch the “Register” button after completing all the stages. 


Process for MAHABOCW Login

After successfully completing the MAHABOCW registration, you must proceed with the MAHABOCW Login procedure. You can follow the steps listed below to finish the procedure and activate your ID. 

The first thing you should do is launch any “Browser” on the device that you use most frequently. 

When the browser opens, move around it by typing MAHABOCW into the search field. 

Choose the top result from the SERPs that display, since it is probably the official website. 

You must press the “Login” button located in the right-hand corner of the “Menu Bar” as soon as you get at the main dashboard. 

Enter your password and your email address or cellphone number in the entry boxes that appear. 

You will be able to finish the MAHABOCW Login process once you enter the requested credentials.


Process to Check Mahabocw Online Registration Status

After registering on the portal, you may check the progress of your registration by doing the actions listed below:-

Visit, the Maharashtra Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board’s official website.

Visit the homepage to check for updates and registration for other schemes.

Click this link to examine the Online Registration Status 2024 option.

The Mahabocw Login Page is then shown.

Enter your email address and the requested password.

To log in, click this.

Choose the option to verify the registration status of your claim scheme after logging in.

Examine the Mahabocw Online Registration Status 2024 on the screen, including information on acceptance, refusal, and necessary renewal updates.

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List of Works on MAHABOCW

To give you a better idea of the scope of the coverage and gateway, we have included a list of the many works that fall under MAHABOCW. 

Building Television
Tunnels Culvert
Tramways Watercourse
Irrigation Radio
Reservoir Airspace
Bridge Railways
Water Evacuation Roads
Telephone Electrical Works
Dam Canals Line Pipe
Flood Control Wireless
Water Works Oil and Gas Installation
Power Lines Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electricity
Aqueducts Embankment and Navigation Works
Tower Telegraph and Foreign Communication 


Benefits of Accessing MAHABOCW

Accessing the MAHABOCW portal you will get numerous benefits for yourself. Listed here are some of the most extracted benefits from the platform. 

Employees may apply right away on the MAHABOCW portal by completing the online application process from the comfort of their homes. 

The workers’ bank account receives a direct posting of the financial aid amount.

The MAHABOCW program has the potential to raise the living standards of its workers.

The extra money the workers earn as a result of this program allows them to adequately support their families. 


Registration Fee for the MAHABOCW Portal


A small registration fee of Rs. 25 is required by the Maharashtra Construction Workers Welfare Board for each application. The specified sum must be paid by each applicant as a one-time registration fee.

Upon completion of registration, registered workers must pay any outstanding fees in order to continue receiving benefits from the Mah BOCW Welfare Board. The board recommends that, depending on the duration, there be two ways to pay the subscription cost. One membership is for five years, while the other is for a monthly fee. The following is a description of the associated charges.


Annual Subscription of five years Rs. 60/-
Monthly Subscription Rs. 1/-




Finally, we hope to have informed our readers on the value of the MAHABOCW. By giving the workers financial support, you may create a lifestyle for them through this program. Above all, employees may simply access on the device of their choosing, saving them from having to go through any drawn-out procedures. Users may easily register and log in to the portal with the help of the information provided in this blog. Therefore, employees of the Maharashtra government ought to attempt this approach and secure financial assistance for themselves.


Disclaimer: All of the material provided in this blog is informational only and is based on current research. Therefore, when the MAHABOCW gets any changes, the information supplied may change.

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