Dana Dokmanovich: Know their early life, family background, and career

Dana Dokmanovich is the wife of Franco Harris. Franco Harris is a famous football player who got a title and also played in the National Football League. After getting married, they welcomed her son into this world. But unfortunately Harris has been passed away on 21 December in year of 2022. In this blog, we will come to know more about Dana early life, family background, and career.

Early Life of Dana

Dana Dokmanovich was born in the United States, but the year is not mentioned clearly, but approximately from 1951 to 1954. She holds an American nationality. She completed her school-level education in Serbia, and she joined Penn State University for her bachelor’s degree. At the University of Penn State, Dokmanovich studied for her future career, such as modelling and entertainment. After she has completed his education in college, Dokmanovich returns to New York City to start her modelling career. After some time, she became successful in her career, such as in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Dana: Family background

The parent name of Dana needs to be mentioned more clearly, and she belongs to Christianity. Her father-in-law name is Cad Harris, and her mother-in-law name is Gina Harris. After achieving his successful career, she was married to Franco Harris, who is a famous football player in America. After leading a lovable life, they had a son named Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr., but the information regarding his personal life, including siblings, can be kept private.

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Career and net worth of Dana:

Dana has worked with various places after she finished his education. For many years, she has served as a flight attendant at Eastern Airlines. After getting married to the French harries, she came out from his work and took responsibility for her family and kids. However, Dana has been leading a wonderful home with his family people. She likes to take care of his family with more responsibility. Right now, the net worth of Dana is around one million.

Bottom Line:

She was the wife of Franco Harris, who is a famous football player and has won many awards and titles. She has been successful in his fashion and entertainment industry after some time of studying. Then, she worked at Eastern Airlines as a flight attendant for more years. After getting married, he also did not stop his responsibility working. But she needed to take care of his family and kids, so she quit his work and led a beautiful home.

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